4 free agents the Chicago Bears can use to replace Robert Quinn

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The Chicago Bears could add Jason Pierre-Paul through free agency

Another name still on the free agent market is Jason Pierre-Paul. Pierre-Paul is another older veteran who could come in and instantly make an impact on the roster. He’s coming off a down year with the Bucs where he only sacked the quarterback 2.5 times. Also like Houston, Pierre-Paul played OLB last season instead of a defensive end with his hand in the dirt. In fact, he’s been an OLB in the Bucs’ system the last three years and has done very well.

Prior to playing for Tampa Bay, Pierre-Paul played with his hand in the dirt. He has been a productive defensive end in both a 3-4 and a 4-3 scheme. Adding a player like Pierre-Paul, someone who is not familiar with the coaching staff or specific scheme may look weird on paper. However, he is one of those players you can throw in late and know he won’t have a problem doing his job and making impactful plays.

The downside to Pierre-Paul is that he may require too high of a salary for Ryan Poles. It will come down to money if this situation were to come true. The good news is that the Chicago Bears have plenty of money to spend this year and especially next year. The bad news is that the Ravens seem heavily interested in Pierre-Paul.