4 free agents the Chicago Bears can use to replace Robert Quinn

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The Chicago Bears could add Carl Nassib through free agency

This option isn’t as sexy as the other three. Carl Nassib is more of a household name for being the first openly gay player to still be playing in the NFL. Others have come forward after they retired or then there is Michael Sam who came out prior to making it into the NFL but never stuck to a roster. I’m not going to get political here, but Nassib has proven to be a solid defensive end in the NFL.

He is not going to get you 8.0+ sacks as the other three options might, but he is still a valuable commodity. He has two seasons of 6.0 sacks that both came with Tampa Bay. In 2018 and 2019, Nassib finished with 6.5 and 6.0 sacks respectively. He played both as a down, defensive end and as an OLB in that system.

Last year, Nassib struggled a bit with the Raiders. It was his worst season statistically with only 1.5 sacks. I’m sure the distraction of him coming out did not help, but that is now behind him. Nassib could use a new place to call home. If the Chicago Bears were to indeed trade Robert Quinn, Nassib could step in and help with depth. He’s also younger than the other three options at only 28 years old. I wouldn’t expect Nassib to start on this roster, but he could easily see 35 to 40% of the snaps in a defensive line rotation and help contribute with three to five sacks.