6 final takeaways from the Chicago Bears mandatory minicamp

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Matt Eberflus is excited about the culture the Chicago Bears are building

Look, we have heard this phrase before. The last regime told us the same thing. That said, there are some glaring differences between these two cultures. The Matt Nagy culture was more about fun and keeping things light. He lost the team over the last two years as they struggled with adversity and quite frankly, losing is not fun.

Here is what Matt Eberflus had to say about the team’s current culture:

"“I feel like this team is coming together. We are here telling the truth. Man-to-man, face-to-face, honest communication. We have to be close this way because we will have adversity and we need to be able to move to the next step and then the next step.”"

What we are seeing and hearing about the Matt Eberflus culture is different. It’s more about the team’s core principles. They are setting standards and they expect the players to remain disciplined and meet those standards. He had this to say about the team’s core principles:

"“We have ways to measure and standardize everything we do. We standardize effort, intensity, taking the ball away, protecting the ball, and how we are smart in situations. These are all measured. So when we look at the tape we don’t walk by mistakes. We point out, that this is not the effort we are talking about or that is the effort we are talking about. We are going to start and finish a certain way.”"

We will now have to wait and see if the Matt Eberflus culture is any different in the win-loss column than the Matt Nagy culture. My assumption right now is yes, in the end, this team will be better over the next four-plus years.