6 final takeaways from the Chicago Bears mandatory minicamp

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Chicago Bears, Brian Piccolo
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Here are the final little nuggets from the final day of the Chicago Bears minicamp

The team honored Brian Piccolo at the final minicamp practice

The team all wore No. 41 to honor Brian Piccolo. They made it important to celebrate the anniversary of Piccolo’s death and everything he brought to the organization and the league.

Matt Eberflus agrees with Justin Fields

Matt Eberflus agrees with Justin Fields that the team is not fully ready to play a game today, but stated that he believes that is almost every team as rosters change from year-to-year. We need to build on our foundation and get better and better through training camp, Eberflus said.

Matt Eberflus’ thoughts on Roquan Smith

"“Roquan has been great. We are going to lean on him to lead the defense. He’s already been working on his body and getting in shape. He’s shown a progression where he is starting to call things out because he knows what his role is and he’s been able to turn it loose.”"

Matt Eberflus’ final thoughts on the Robert Quinn situation

Matt Eberflus doesn’t have any emotion about Robert Quinn not being here. He’s going to sit down and talk to him man-to-man when he shows up.