3 main questions left unanswerd after Chicago Bears mandatory minicamp

Chicago Bears - Credit: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports /
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I hope you are ready for the biggest gap of the year when it comes to football and football-related news. The Chicago Bears wrapped up their final minicamp on Thursday and now the team will not meet again until training camp at the end of July.

This will give us all plenty of time to speculate how the team will perform in 2022. Matt Eberflus is making a big effort to create standards for this team to play and live by. The team currently has 90 players on the roster, but they will need to start grading them and determining where on the depth chart each player should be. They will not have long to cut the roster down from 90 to 85 to 80 and then finally to the final 53-man roster.

Unfortunately for the Chicago Bears, this team still has plenty of questions that must be answered. Here are the three main ones that hopefully are answered before the start of the regular season.

Who is going to make up the Chicago Bears starting offensive line?

This is probably the biggest unanswered question the Chicago Bears face as they await training camp. The team has used a few different lineups through multiple minicamps. Matt Eberflus has made it known that the combination on the offensive line is fluid. Although they hope to know who will be their starting five when training camp starts, Eberflus stated that nothing is set and changes during training camp can happen too.

The three positions that seem to be up in the air are left tackle, right tackle and right guard. Lucas Patrick and Cody Whitehair seem to be locked in at center and left guard respectively. However, we have seen both Larry Borom and Braxton Jones practice as the starting left tackle. We’ve also seen Larry Borom practice at right tackle, while Teven Jenkins has only practiced at right tackle, but after seeing starting reps, he’s now seeing reps with the second-stringers.

Matt Eberflus, Luke Getsy and Chris Morgan need to get this right and they need to get it right quickly. Having major holes in the offensive line will lead to games like the Browns game last season. Justin Fields and this offense cannot withstand another awful year on the offensive line.