3 main questions left unanswerd after Chicago Bears mandatory minicamp

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports /
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What is going to be the outcome of the Robert Quinn situation?

I’m trying to stay calm and remain patient in regards to the Robert Quinn situation, but there is clearly something going on based on how Matt Eberflus won’t even address the situation with the media. Eberflus told reporters that Quinn was not present at minicamp and that he is training on his own. He confirmed the absence was unexcused and he was no longer going to concern himself with the situation. Instead, he’s letting Ryan Poles handle it.

The way that Eberflus has spoken about it, one must wonder if it’s more than just a veteran choosing to skip the minicamp but will be present for training camp. This is still a possibility and it’s the possibility I am holding onto. I’m not ready to overreact to the situation.

That said, it is possible that either the Chicago Bears are still shopping Robert Quinn or Quinn is requesting a trade. Is it money? I doubt that’s the case. Does he want to play for a contender? Yeah, that is definitely most likely true if he’s truly looking to leave. The Chicago Bears will need to figure this out and it would be good if they know what’s happening before training camp. If the team were to trade Quinn, there are still a few free agent options available who could help fill his void.