Assigning new grades to the Chicago Bears 2016 NFL Draft

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears, DeAndre Houston-Carson
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The Chicago Bears selected DeAndre Houston-Carson with their sixth-round pick in 2016

When we look at the career of DeAndre Houston-Carson, it’s hard to be too upset with the outcome. As a sixth-round pick, Houston-Carson has stuck around with the Bears for going on seven seasons. He was retained by Matt Nagy’s staff and as of now, also Matt Eberflus’ staff. Personally, I would have kept Deon Bush over Houston-Carson, but I’m not in charge of the Bears’ personnel.

Where Houston-Carson’s value comes into play is on special teams. He has seen no less than 75% of the special teams snaps going back to 2018. Prior to 2018, Houston-Carson still saw 64% and 51% of the team’s snap share. When you take his draft position into account, that has to raise his grade overall. He’s also the last player from the 2016 NFL Draft on the Chicago Bears roster.

NFL Draft Grade: C+

The Chicago Bears selected Daniel Braverman with their seventh-round pick in 2016

These seventh-round picks are dart throws. Daniel Braverman was the prototypical camp standout that many Bears fans fell in love with. This usually happens with slow, white guys at the wide receiver position. Bears fans lock onto guys like this in training camp and the preseason and then don’t understand how they don’t pan out. Well, there is a Ryan Poles connection here to some degree, maybe Braverman will come back this season? (sarcasm font) He was on the 2018 Chiefs’ practice squad but never made the final roster.

In reality, Braverman saw three games of NFL action, never completed a catch and was run out of the league pretty quickly. When it’s a seventh-rounder though, I have a hard time giving an F.

NFL Draft Grade: D

Overall, the grade on this one comes out as a C for Ryan Pace. Plenty of good options, but a few duds.