Ranking Chicago Bears in NFC North RB Rooms

Mandatory Credit: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports /
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We have hit ranking season in the NFL offseason. Considering the teams in the Chicago Bears division are the most important opponents they will face, it is good to see where they rank position by position in comparison.

When it comes to the Chicago Bears running back room, where do they rank compared to the rest of the NFC North? Remember, we are looking at the entire room and including all of the depth on the roster.

We will assume it is the top four running backs for each roster.

4. Detroit Lions: DeAndre Swift, Jamaal Williams, Craig Reynolds, Jermar Jefferson

DeAndre Swift has been a high-upside player and a big-play threat when he has his hands on the football. Entering his third NFL season there is still plenty of juice that can be squeezed from this player. Swift being the top dog in the fourth-ranked group in the division can speak to the talent of running backs in this division.

Swift is a great back but has not proven that he can consistently run between the tackles. He catches passes and hits big plays, but is not quite an all-around back. It is nice that the team has Jamaal Williams, who is their hammer between the tackles.

He takes away from Swift but is also the perfect second punch to Swift. Overall it is a strong one-two punch.

Beyond that, the depth is not great. Reynolds could serve as a poor man’s Williams but is not quick or shifty. Jefferson is the same coming into year two without much draft capital to keep him on the roster. The team seems to be content with Swift having these issues considering all of their depth serves as the complementary pieces to him.

It shows the offense will revolve around Swift, but also that he has his flaws.