Ranking Chicago Bears in NFC North RB Rooms

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2. Minnesota Vikings: Dalvin Cook, Alex Mattison, Kene Nwangu, Ty Chandler

Some fans would be disappointed to see David Montgomery so low on this list. Still, when you compare him to the other names in the division it is tough to move him much higher. Some fans would argue that Dalvin Cook is one of the two or three best running backs in the NFL, so for him to wind up number two on this list says that there is legitimate talent in the division.

Montgomery is great, and he is much more reliable than Cook from a health perspective. Still, when Dalvin Cook is going and at his best, there is no debate about which back is better. Cook has the vision, the breakaway speed, and for his size, he plays with a physical nature that makes him a complete back. The Vikings reportedly want him to catch more passes, and possibly line up in the slot to get Alexander Mattison on the field more.

Alexander Mattison is another reason it is easy for the Vikings to be ranked so high. When he gets his chances, the Vikings rarely miss a beat. If they can manage the two-back sets with Cook being lethal in the passing game, both could improve their reputation. Nwangu is essentially a wash with Darrynton Evans and Chandler is a wash with Ebner. Still, the edge goes to the Minnesota Vikings.