Ranking Chicago Bears in NFC North Tackle Rooms

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We have entered the peak time for rankings season. This is the time when OTAs are over and training camp has not begun yet. There is not much going on, which makes it a great time to start rankings. For this, we are going to rank the position rooms in the NFC North and see where the Chicago Bears stand up.

Keep in mind that this will be looking at the room as a whole, so depth will be factored in. With that said where do the Chicago Bears offensive tackles stack up against the teams that they will battle with to earn a playoff spot.

4. Chicago Bears: Teven Jenkins, Larry Borom, Braxton Jones, Julien Davenport

Even the biggest Chicago Bears fans can admit that this is probably a fair ranking. The fact is that even if you like what they are doing on paper, their best asset has not proven nearly enough on the field.

Teven Jenkins is expected to be the big name of the group. Still, he missed most of his rookie season with a back injury and when he came back it was at left tackle. Jenkins has played right tackle every snap during OTAs and that even was with the second team at times.

Larry Borom is expected to play left tackle. He actually looked pretty strong there during the preseason, but his issues came during the season when he was forced onto the field at right tackle. The hope is that stability between the two can help, but there is no experience at this point.

Braxton Jones is a rookie and a day-three pick at that, and if Zach Thomas and Ja’Tyre Carter are moving to guard, they really do not have an option as a fourth tackle. This is a group that they hope to improve significantly by next season.