Ranking Chicago Bears in NFC North Tackle Rooms

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Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Penei Sewell
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3. Detroit Lions: Taylor Decker, Penei Sewell, Matt Nelson, Dan Skipper

There is definitely a difference between the Chicago Bears sitting at four and then the top three in the division. There is a chance that the Lions could be ranked number one here, but it is close enough.

Penei Sewell was great in his rookie season, with some slips between his left and right tackle abilities. Still, this comes down to Decker. Decker only played nine games last season. When he came back from injury he was fine, but not quite what he was in his prime.

Decker is still 29 years old, so he could easily get back to his old style. If Decker gets back on top of his skills and Sewell takes the second-year step the Lions could easily move to number one on the list.

At the same time, they both present enough questions and the depth behind them keeps them this low for now. Nelson had spent time at right tackle and left tackle last season but he was an issue most of the season. Beyond that, they do not have much with Skipper. The difference between three and one is tight, and the depth the Lions offer is not helping.