Ranking Chicago Bears in NFC North Tackle Rooms

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2. Minnesota Vikings: Christian Darrisaw, Brian O’Neil, Oli Udoh, Blake Brandel

Christian Darrisaw was injured last season and did not get onto the field until week five. He is a rookie, and like Sewell, there are questions about how he will enter his second season. Still, like Sewell, he was excellent when he was on the field and he was healthier overall than Decker last season.

Being younger, healthier, and better on tape gives Darrisaw a nice step up on the left tackle debate. Beyond that, Brian O’Neil is on the short list of elite right tackles in the NFL.

You could argue by the end of the season Sewell could take that step and be better, still, the duo of Darrisaw and O’Neil is a bit younger overall, and a bit more proven overall when compared to the LIons.

Beyond that, Oli Udoh is a serviceable depth asset. Brandel is as questionable as any of the depth on the Lions roster, but with a third tackle who could step into both sides and provide quality, play is what punches them into the top two.