The 5 biggest keys to a successful 2022 season for the Chicago Bears

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No. 3 key to the success of the Chicago Bears: Luke Getsy’s system must work

Alright, if you are paying attention, these first three keys are all very dependent on one another. Justin Fields is going to have a hard time proving himself if the offensive line is in shambles once again. Fields also isn’t going to produce as well as expected or needed if Luke Getsy’s offensive system doesn’t work.

All signs point to this offense running a predominantly outside-zone running scheme just like the 49ers and Packers run. The passing game is going to have plenty of quick passes that allow Fields to get the ball out quickly. Think of a West Coast Offense (WCO) with Getsy’s own twists on them. We should expect to see more play-action passes, bootlegs and true RPOs — things we did not see enough of when Matt Nagy was calling plays.

About a month ago, we heard both Matt Eberflus and Luke Getsy talk about how the offense is not going to be forced upon the roster. Instead, the plan is to determine what works best and which players fit where. Instead of forcing a scheme upon the players, they are going to build the scheme around the players’ strengths. Hearing that is a breath of fresh air and what good coaches and play-callers do. Now, we just need to hope it works.

One twist that I expect to see in this new scheme is more downfield passes than what a true WCO looks like. Eberflus has praised Fields’ downfield throws and we should expect to see plenty of it this season since that is what Fields does best. The hope is he can handle the short, quick throws since that has never been a big part of his game.