Ranking Chicago Bears in NFC North interior offensive line

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As the summer heats up we have officially hit rankings season. The time between the end of OTAs and the start of training camp leaves plenty of time to review the Chicago Bears roster and compare it to the rest of the NFC North.

Today we are going to look at the interior offensive line. This means the centers and guards, as the tackles are a position that should be handled on their own. Plenty of centers have guard ability and vice versa, so these two are easier to lump together.

When ranking these positions we are going to look at the whole room and include the depth. For this we are going to assume who the top five interior lineman are.

4. Minnesota Vikings: Ezra Cleveland, Ed Ingram, Garrett Bradbury, Jesse Davis, Chris Reed

The Minnesota Vikings are bringing some serious questions in their interior line. They spent a first-round pick on Bradbury, but this has not gone the way that they wanted. They tried to draft Wyatt Davis to replace him, but with new coaches, there is talk that Davis will not even make the roster.

Beyond an issue at the center, Ed Ingram brings questions as a second-round rookie. The combination of second-round pedigree and playing for LSU help his case, but many saw him as over-drafted, he had off-of-the-field questions, and he will be relied on to make a big impact on the line.

Ezra Cleveland is the key to the line and the best player. Still, this is a player who has spent two years without a breakout, and he was drafted to play tackle but they had to move inside to guard. This is not the best group.

Jesse Davis and Chris Reed are depth veterans, but there is not much to get excited about here.