Ranking Chicago Bears in NFC North interior offensive line

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Green Bay Packers At Cincinnati Bengals Oct 10
Green Bay Packers At Cincinnati Bengals Oct 10 /

2. Green Bay Packers: Jon Runyan, Josh Myers, Royce Newman, Sean Rhyan, Zach Tom

The Green Bay Packers have had success finding interior offensive linemen in the draft.  They drafted Jon Runyan in the sixth round and Royce Newman in the fourth round and both of them turned into capable starters last season.

Runyan and Newman are two players we wanted the Chicago Bears to draft, and it speaks to Ryan Pace not caring about the line because if he took shots on day three a bit earlier, he could have found names like this. Now, the Packers have some cheap, and young starters.

Rhyan and Zach Tom have very similar profiles to Runyan and Newman. Both of them were selected before Chicago had their barrage of picks. With that in mind, it is hard to say that their depth is below Chicago.

The big question is at center. Myers missed his rookie with an injury, but it was the injury to Myers that led to Lucas Patrick starting. The Packers gave Myers the starting job week one before he got banged up. On paper, Myers is younger, and the Packers certainly liked him more than Patrick at this time last year. With that in mind, they do jump ahead of Chicago.