The six best fantasy football players to play for the Chicago Bears

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Chicago Bears, Alshon Jeffery
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The third-best fantasy football player of the Chicago Bears: Alshon Jeffery, WR

I know that some of you might be surprised by the fact that I have Alshon Jeffery here over Allen Robinson. To be honest, I was surprised myself. I couldn’t help but look at the numbers more closely when I saw Jeffery ranked 31st overall in scoring for Chicago.

Recency bias clearly set in on this one and I went back to look at Alshon Jeffery’s top seasons compared to Robinson’s. In 2013, Alshon Jeffery was the WR8 and averaged 14.9 points per game. Jeffery followed that up in 2014 when he finished as WR11 with an average of 13.7 points per game — both better than Robinson’s two best seasons.

Then, when we look at the rest of Jeffery’s career here in Chicago, he was better in 2015 and 2016 than Robinson was in his first and last seasons. Jeffery finished with over 800 yards in both seasons. He had four touchdowns in 2015 and two in 2016. The TD totals needed to be better but Robinson wasn’t any better. He had four his first year with Chicago but only one last season. Robinson also only had 754 yards in his first season with the Bears and only 410 last year.

The numbers speak for themselves, Alshon Jeffery is the third-best fantasy player to play for the Chicago Bears.