4 big name Chicago Bears with pressure on entering camp

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Cole Kmet
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1. Chicago Bears TE: Cole Kmet

This will be the third season for the Chicago Bears tight end. Still, now he is in a new offense, and we will see what this new staff thinks of him. On one hand, he entered the NFL at a young age which meant that he was going to have a steeper learning curve.

He has actually checked all age-adjusted boxes and statistically speaking he could still break out as he slowly ascends towards age 25. It usually takes tight ends a few years to get going and this could be that year for Kmet.

At the same time, he has not quite flashed anything that fans can latch onto. He is a good, not great blocker, and good, not great as a pass-catcher. The same can be said after the catch, in the red zone, in most areas he has been fine, and you cannot complain, but you also cannot say that he has not yet ensured himself to stick around the roster moving forward.

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Kmet is another player who will end this season, and then all talk will immediately move into what type of contract he will get. With a strong season, the young and up-and-coming player will surely be signed, but if he does not take a step forward, or is not a fit for the offense, it could be a ticking clock towards his final days with the Chicago Bears.