3 early issues in Ryan Poles era as Chicago Bears GM

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2. Free Agent Signing Arrests

Most of the issues with Ryan Poles have been circumstances around him. Ogunjobi and his injury, Allen getting nostalgic about this old team, and the Bills matching an offer that Bates signed. All are losses, but it is hard to fully blame Poles. Still, when you are the head man, it comes down to you.

The same can be said for the arrests of Byron Pringle and Matt Adams. Adams for a firearm possession charge and Pringle charged with reckless driving. Neither incident appeared to be life-threatening, and both will most likely get out of these incidents with little legal harm done.

Still, players getting arrested during the offseason is the last thing a regime wants. What makes it worse is these are two of the players that the front office and coaching staff arguably knew the most.

Poles was with Byron Pringle when he was a UDFA and saw him grow into an NFL player. When Poles wanted to instill culture, he called on the guy he watched under his nose for three years. Off-of-the-field issues is one thing that helped the Chiefs get Pringle as a UDFA, so we will have to see if he likes guys with small dings that may slip through like Pringle. Matt Adams was drafted by Matt Eberflus and crew with the Colts.

He has the same linebackers coach and his defensive coordinator is now his head coach. The Colts drafted Adams late and watched him bloom from special teams into a rotational defensive player.

So, these are two players that the top two in charge looked at as culture builders, and players who buy into what they instill. Again, Ryan Poles did not tell Pringle to do donuts in his car, but when Poles vouches for Pringle, the results will come back on him.