Ranking Chicago Bears in NFC North Safety Rooms

Chicago Bears (Mandatory Credit: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports)
Chicago Bears (Mandatory Credit: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports) /
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We are into the dead season of the NFL schedule which is a good chance to look back and see where the Chicago Bears roster stands. We have been ranking the position groups in the NFC North and seeing where the Bears stand, and we have now got to the safety group.

This is looking at the whole room, including the depth, but certainly leaning to the top players as well. We are projecting who the top four safeties will be on the opening day roster. With that in mind, how would you rank the safeties?

4. Detroit Lions: Deshon Elliott, Tracy Walker, Will Harris, Kerby Joseph

The Detroit Lions started Tracy Walker and Will Harris at safety last year. On a team filled with holes, they were not the biggest problem but were not the answer to the issues either. That is why the team went out and added to the safety room.

Deshon Elliott brings strong depth, considering he is healthy. He tore his biceps and pec last season and it may have made him a quality signing who is flying under the radar. Still, it does bring questions, and he was more of a complimentary safety when he was with the Lions.

Then, they drafted Kerby Joseph from Illinois. He is a player the Bears may have had eyes on if they did not draft Jaquan Brisker, but Brisker is certainly the better pick-up, one-for-one.

Overall, this room is not poor, and it ranking fourth can speak to the talent above them. Still, Walker is the top-end talent here, and most do not view him that highly in the safety totem pole.

They have four players with the potential to be quality starters, but not much potential to improve beyond that.