Chicago Bears 2022 roster ranking: No. 56 Chase Allen

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Syndication: The Des Moines Register /

We are counting down the Chicago Bears roster from 90 all the way to number one focusing on how each player could potentially impact the win and loss outcomes for the team.

As the countdown continues we have made it to number 56 on our list.

Chicago Bears 2022 roster ranking: No. 56 Chase Allen

Chase Allen is a rookie UDFA from Iowa State. This may be high for any rookie UDFA, but it can speak to where the Chicago Bears roster is. It also can speak to the idea that Allen should be making the practice squad, and if not he should be on the roster.

Chase Allen is not the most dynamic weapon, but he is tall, he shows as a red-zone weapon, and he is competent enough as a blocker.

When you look at his overall skill set and athletic traits, you could see him as a similar caliber of player to Jesse James. Chicago Bears fans were high on Jesse James last season and his chemistry with Justin Fields.

Fields liked the big body in the red zone and was good at throwing the jump ball up to him. If Allen can find that same type of chemistry he can easily be n the same role.

What helps Allen is that he is younger, cheaper, and under team control much longer than Jesse James. So, if Jesse James were re-signed most fans would say that he is certainly going to make the roster as a fourth tight end, if not seeing him rise to third tight end.

Because it is the UDFA rookie, and not the veteran James some fans are not as optimistic even if Allen is a higher upside bet. Still, those factors keep him right outside the 53-man roster but do not keep him far from the practice squad, which is where we should expect him to wind up.