3 biggest losers in Chicago Bears trade for N’Keal Harry

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The Chicago Bears made a trade, but it wasn’t the one we were all expecting. It also was not one that many people were hoping for. If you were expecting an announcement about Robert Quinn being traded, that’s not what we received today. Instead, Ryan Poles sent a future, 2024 seventh-round draft pick to the New England Patriots for former first-round wide receiver, N’Keal Harry.

Now, before we get into the nitty-gritty of the implications this trade has on the roster, let’s take a moment to recognize some fans were calling for the Bears to trade for N’Keal Harry earlier in the offseason. Our very own, Parker Hurley mentioned it back in May. I know that some New England Patriot fans have been calling for Harry’s head and I’m sure they are excited to have received at least something for their 2019 first-rounder.

Personally, I find this move to be a win for Ryan Poles and the Chicago Bears. The thing of it is, the risk is very, very small. And although we have not seen enough from N’Keal Harry at this point in his career, maybe it is possible that he rejuvenates that career here in Chicago. Coming out of college, Harry was considered one of the better wide receiver prospects in 2019, however, as we know all too well, the hype of a prospect does not always equate to greatness on the field. Injuries have not helped Harry’s case, but he’s also been inefficient playing in New England.

I don’t think anyone believes Harry to be the answer, but adding him into the mix at wide receiver gives the team another taller weapon despite the fact he’s not as fast as some of the other receivers on the team. Harry ran a 4.53 40-yard dash and doesn’t fit the mold we have seen from Ryan Poles this offseason. That said, his presence does bring some heat to the backend of the wide receiver group. The team currently has 90 players on the roster and will need to make an accompanying move to make room for Harry.

These three Chicago Bears are likely on the hot seat after the N’Keal Harry trade

David Moore could be on his way out

Will Ryan Poles finally cut one of the three free agents who were arrested this offseason? Byron Pringle was arrested for doing donuts with a minor in the car on a public street. Matt Adams was arrested on gun charges despite having a legal permit. David Moore was arrested on drug and gun charges. I’m not looking to get political here, but out of the three, Moore’s offense was clearly the worst and maybe it’s time for Ryan Poles to set an example?

If we were to look at the Bears roster, Moore was one of the bigger options at 6’0″ tall and 215 pounds. Many fans were excited to see what he could do after posting relatively solid numbers in Seattle two years ago. He was a red zone threat for Russell Wilson and had a chance to make the backend of the roster on that alone. With Ryan Poles trading for N’Keal Harry, I’d assume he’d likely keep Harry over Moore at this point even if Moore isn’t cut due to his run-in with the law.