3 over or unders for Mario Edwards with Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears - Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports /
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ESPN has created projections for every player on the Chicago Bears in 2022. These may not be perfect, but at least give us a baseline outcome of a statistical projection for each player. They did this for defensive players as well as offensive players.

So, we can look into what they are projecting for Mario Edwards in 2022.

3. Over or Under 395 snaps for Mario Edwards on Chicago Bears in 2022

This is an interesting total for Edwards because it is not quite a career-high, but it also would be the most snaps that he played in a season since 2017. After he was thrown into getting serious work with the Raiders early in his career, his last four years consisted of 232, 316, 278, and 212 snaps respectively.

The last two years were on the Chicago Bears, too, so this would be a big boost in snaps. One reason why he is expected to get over 100 more snaps than last year is the lack of depth on the interior. The Bears lost Akiem Hicks, Bilal Nichols, and Eddie Goldman, and the only real addition this offseason was Justin Jones.

So, Mario Edwards will have to play more. Edwards also may just be a great scheme fit with this new defense. Edwards has been a 4-3 rusher at times, and that arguably has been where he is best. That is why his snap counts went down in recent years.

We wrote about how the Bears could use him similarly to the Colts using Denico Autry, which led to some of his best playing days. He fits a role, the scheme is better for him, and the depth says that he is going to have to play more. This is why we are going over.