3 over unders for Robert Quinn with Chicago Bears in 2022

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ESPN has recently released their fantasy projections for each NFL team. That includes defensive projections for players on the Chicago Bears. This gives us a good baseline of expectations for what we should expect. Now, the question is whether or not Robert Quinn will exceed expectations.

3. Over or Under 748 snaps for Robert Quinn with Chicago Bears in 2022

The projection of 748 snaps for Quinn is fair when you figure that he hit 755 snaps last season. Still, last season was the first time he started in 16 games without injury since 2018, and he only has had four seasons in his 11-year career where he was this healthy.

The odds are that he is unlikely to get full the season healthy, and last season was more of an outlier than an expectation. Even though he was healthy at times beforehand, he also has never topped 700 snaps since 2014.

During his healthy seasons, he often was around the 650 snap mark, mainly because teams would like to save his energy and take him off of the field for run-downs. The team got so little out of Quinn in 2020 that they challenged him to do more in 2021, and it worked out.

Beyond that, with Mack injured, the team could not afford to limit his snaps. Still, while the unit is not loaded, the depth of Trevis Gipson, Al-Quadin Muhammad, and rookie Domiqiue Robinson should give the team enough to keep Quinn below his snap count of last season, and thus, hopefully, healthy through the full year.