3 over unders for Robert Quinn with Chicago Bears in 2022

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2. Over or Under 10 sacks for Robert Quinn

Robert Quinn had a run from 2012-2014 when he was the most dominant rusher in the NFL. He hit over 10 sacks for three straight years. From there, he started to become more inconsistent.

He extended his career this long, and there are enough ups to be fine with the downs, but one thing that is hard to find with Quinn is consistency from season to season. He went from 8.5 sacks in 2017 down to 6.5 sacks in 2018.

Then, after shooting back up to 11.5 sacks in 2019 he dropped back down to two sacks the following year. Of course, when we saw his 18.5 sack season last year. We profiled whether or not Quinn will regress next season, and even when looking at his pressure rate you could say that he was playing over his head last season.

The odds show that he is going to drop back down, and having him go from 18.5 to 10 is already baked into his projection. Still, he may even end up lower than that this season, as shown by his recent years. If you had to bet, the safer play may be that Quinn will go under 10 sacks.