Chicago Bears quarterback, Justin Fields surprises with Madden 23 rating

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With the rookie season under Justin Fields’ belt, not all the glaringly bad numbers on his stat sheet are his fault. Yes, he made mistakes, and yes, there are areas that need to be cleaned up. That said, from many areas of the Chicago Bears, Justin Fields was let down quite a bit.

While Justin Fields and Josh Allen aren’t the same– though it’d be nice if they were– there’s proof in Allen’s progression that quarterbacks don’t come into the league at their potential. After Josh Allen finished his rookie season with the Bills, there were fans in Buffalo clamoring for a new quarterback.

Now, look at him with his 92 Madden 23 rating.

Again, there’s nothing proving Justin Fields will be this top-of-the-league quarterback, but with the work ethic Fields has been rumored to have, it’s not out of the question that Fields will come into this season with a chip on his shoulder.

Chicago Bears quarterback, Justin Fields receives a surprising Madden 23 rating

Many of the woes of last season can be pointed at many people, including Justin Fields.

However, at the Mt. Everest peak of the blame tree is Matt Nagy. In press conferences following the departure of Matt Nagy, there’s been a weight that’s seemingly been lifted off Justin Fields and the entirety of the Chicago Bears.

Now, back to Fields’ rating. Justin Fields earned a 74 overall rating in Madden 23, which isn’t all that bad. That said, he did rank top five in a stat with his 90 overall speed. Not too shabby.

Being in the mid-70s is actually a shock, as it seems maybe a little high after all the negativity around his name following year one.

In Justin Fields’ rookie season, he finished the year with a 58.9% completion; 1,870 yards; nine total TDs; and 10 INTs in 10 starts.

There were some quarterbacks ranked above Fields that caused some head scratching, however.

QBs ranked above Justin Fields in Madden 23

  • Mac Jones: 78 overall
    67.6% completion; 3,801 yards; 22 total TDs; and 13 INTs in 17 starts
  • Trevor Lawrence: 76 overall
    59.6% completion; 3,641 yards; 14 total TDs; and 17 INTs in 17 starts
  • Teddy Bridgewater: 75 overall
    66.9% completion; 3,052 yards; 18 total TDs; and 7 INTs in 14 starts

Now, Mac Jones had a very solid rookie season, as evident by his stats. That said, his floor was one of the highest going into the NFL Draft, and that floor only rose by being drafted by the New England Patriots.

Trevor Lawrence hardly had better stats than Fields, even though Lawrence started all 17 games, and Fields only started 10.

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Teddy Bridgewater was the most shocking of them all. He’s a fine quarterback, but he isn’t great. As evident by those who watched, Justin Fields wasn’t great either, but his flashes of being a playmaker trumped Bridgewater’s ability to ride the median.

With all that said, Fields has a lot to prove, both to the Chicago Bears and the Madden Ratings Adjusters.