Chicago Bears training camp battle: Darrynton Evans vs Trestan Ebner

Chicago Bears - Credit: Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports /
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4. Athleticism

Another reason that Evans was selected 110 picks before Ebner is the difference in athleticism. Thanks to RAS scores, you can see how the two compare below.

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Ebner is half of an inch taller, and three pounds heavier. Because they have a similar build you can tell that they are fighting for the same role. They also have the same 40-yard speed. Ebner is 0.02 ticks slower, but at three pounds heavier, you can call it a wash.

Evans is more explosive, though. The difference in jumps is very notable. Still, Evans did not work out in the agility drills, while Ebner did. Unfortunately, Ebner bombed this area.

If Evans bombed it like Ebner, it may be closer, but for now, it is helping Evans to have the unknown. Still, even with poor agility numbers, Evans is the more explosive back, and Ebner certainly cannot claim to be faster a huge notch in his belt, something that used to be good enough in college.