Chicago Bears training camp battle: Darrynton Evans vs Trestan Ebner

Chicago Bears - Credit: Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports /
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3. Track Record of Health

So, if Darrynton Evans was a better runner between the tackles in college, he was more athletic, and he was drafted higher, why are we debating this, and why did the Tennessee Titans cut a third-round pick after just two NFL seasons.

The easy answer is injuries. As noted, through two years has 20 total touches and 99 total yards of offense.

First, it was a hamstring injury in his rookie season. Then, it was a leg injury. In between, he had other issues. No one knows for sure, but even if a third-round pick is just getting unlucky with injuries, you would think the same GM that drafted him would continue to hold out hope.

The Titans may see him as someone who does not know the old difference between hurt and injured. If that is the case, then he has a chance here with the Chicago Bears, but will likely continue his surprising path down the NFL totem pole.

If he shows that it truly was just two unlucky injuries back-to-back, then the Bears might have something in year three. On the flip side, Ebner is entering the NFL with five years of experience at Baylor, and no big injuries to speak of.