Is Robert Quinn unlikely to be traded by Chicago Bears?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) /

After Robert Quinn missed mandatory OTAs and ate a few fines, there was discussion about whether or not he did that to show the Chicago Bears he was interested in being traded. After his teammate, Khalil Mack, was shipped out and Ryan Poles made it clear that this was a reloading year, there was a legitimate reason for Quinn to feel that way.

However, Quinn brushed that off quickly when he not only showed up to training camp but worked out fully in team drills. Quinn noted that he made a calculated decision to miss OTAs to take care of his body, something a veteran with a big contract can do.

Quinn also added that if it were up to him, he would probably stay in Chicago.

"‘I’ve been traded twice. You get tired of moving.’"

For as easy as it is to assume that Quinn would prioritize a Super Bowl and want to leave, it is just as easy to realize that Quinn had a long career and would be okay finding a home to finish things off on his own terms.

Quinn added that the decision is not up to him, and if he did get traded, he would not fuss, but the overall vibe from Quinn reporting to camp was that he would give Chicago his everything if they kept him.

On top of this, the Kansas City Chiefs worked out Carlos Dunlap. The timing is interesting because the Chiefs were a team linked to Robert Quinn. They have a need and familiarity with Ryan Poles, so a trade could spark quickly.

Then, as Quinn shows up to camp, the Chiefs start to kick the tires on other veteran pass rushers.  If they do indeed sign Dunlap, the market for Quinn will start to dwindle as time ticks to the start of the season.

The argument for Quinn is tough because while his age does not suit the Bears’ timeline, he also could be a leader for the younger names, and he does feel a position that would be rather weak without him.

The Bears are unlikely to get the same return as a Khalil Mack trade, and with the age, contract, and injury questions that Quinn presents, they have probably heard nothing but lowball offers. When you add this all up it gets to the point where Quinn may have to be the one dictating a trade if it were to happen.

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If Quinn is not going to push for it, Chicago is unlikely to entertain it either. They will take calls, but until one blows them away, expect Quinn to play with the Chicago Bears in 2022.