The media is prioritizing the Chicago Bears future incorrectly

Chicago Bears (Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports)
Chicago Bears (Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Chicago Bears have been one of those teams that the national and local media has put in the box of terrible teams. What surprised me is how much everybody seems to be looking past this season. I am not saying that the Chicago Bears look like a top team, but looking past a foundational season isn’t the answer.

It shocked me when Windy City Gridiron’s (WCG) own Robert Schmidt and Bill Zimmerman suggested that it should be okay if the Chicago Bears only win three games this season. Nobody should be alright with the Bears winning three games in 2022 unless the Bears literally lose all of their games by three points or less. If the Chicago Bears win only three games next season, that means Justin Fields was a fail. That means the offensive line was a fail. That means the defense also failed.

That would disgrace Bears fans and the Chicago Bear legacy. Focusing solely on 2023 and the future is not an option. Chicago Bears need to be competitive and actually win football games in 2022. Why would anybody wish for a high draft (top five) pick in 2023? Do fans want to sit another year with a rookie quarterback learning, knowing that it won’t be that season that the team goes the distance?

There are very few examples of Justin Fields becoming the player we hope him to be and the Chicago Bears being able to draft their version of Jamar Chase. If you remember, it took Joe Burrow missing six games for the Bengals to acquire that draft pick. I won’t even get into the fact that Burrow was a better prospect coming out than Fields.

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If Justin Fields fails this season, the setback is no different than what we have seen with Mitch Trubisky. That would mean, don’t count on 2023, 2024, or (maybe) 2025. I don’t understand how local and national media members feel it’s okay if the Chicago Bears stink next season. I am not saying that as a fan — I’m saying that out of common sense. Winning leads to more winning, end of discussion.