Colin Cowherd is actually right about the Chicago Bears and Roquan Smith

Mandatory Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports /

Less than 24 hours ago, Colin Cowherd took to his show and spit some truth when it came to the Chicago Bears and the Roquan Smith situation — at least to some degree. It is not often that I agree with Cowherd’s takes seeing he is one of those national broadcasters who likes to stir the pot more than do any actual analysis. The thing is, I am having a hard time disagreeing with his most recent take surrounding the contract negotiations between the Bears and Smith.

Take a listen to what he says and then I will discuss it further.

Now, I do think that Colin Cowherd takes it a little too far at times in his statement. That said, he’s right about smart teams not overloading their salary cap for an off-the-ball linebacker. Think of that position somewhat similar to the running back position on offense — it’s heavily devalued. Quarterback, edge rusher, left tackle and wide receiver seem to be the positions of most importance from a salary standpoint. I would throw in a lockdown corner too.

The Chicago Bears need to stop living in the past

The comment about not being able to name a top wide receiver of the Chicago Bears is a little ridiculous, but to his point, none have been homegrown. Can Darnell Mooney change that? Alshon Jefferey looked to be that guy but forced his way out to a point and fell off with the Eagles. Brandon Marshall is easily the top WR in Bears history over the last 25 years, but he was here for a short amount of time and doesn’t truly count. You can say the same about Allen Robinson. This leaves us with guys like Wilie Gault and Curtis Conway.

The Roquan Smith situation isn’t a good one. The Bears are rumored to have offered Smith a five-year, $95 million dollar deal. The problem is that the deal was backloaded and had de-escalators in it that no other non-quarterback making over $15 million per year has in their contract. I’d be hesitant to take that deal too if I was Smith. That said, it’s a business and the Bears need to do what’s best for the team. Allocating that much money to Roquan Smith probably isn’t the best long-term answer.

I was at first on the side of not wanting to trade Smith, but the Chicago Bears definitely should for the right price. That price is rumored to be a late, first-round pick coupled with a mid to late-round pick at best. More likely, the trade would be a second and say a fourth. I was hesitant to accept that low of an offer, to be honest, but I’ve been coming around to it.

Two seconds and a first in 2023 sounds fantastic, but I’d talk to Matt Eberflus and find out what he believes this team needs to win a Super Bowl. If he tells me Roquan Smith is needed then I do what I can to make that happen. Rumors are that Dallas is one team interested. Possibly the Steelers too. I wonder if they can get a backend player in the deal too by sending a sixth?

Needless to say, Colin Cowherd is right about one thing. The McCaskey family and the Chicago Bears need to stop living in the past. Having a Hall of Fame linebacker on defense looks great for your history, but let’s move into the future, shall we? Maybe Ryan Poles is just the general manager to make that happen?