Postgame reactions from Chicago Bears preseason win over Seattle

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How did the Chicago Bears coaching staff perform vs the Seahawks?

Matt Eberflus is yet to lose as a head coach in the NFL, even if it is still in preseason. These players are playing hard for him and are doing things the right way, and it has shown throughout the first two games. While Eberflus is still learning on the job, he has a calming presence and cool demeanor on the sidelines, which is always good to see from a first-year head coach.

He definitely should have challenged the Isaiah Coulter catch that was ruled incomplete, because it was pretty clear it would have been overturned. It seemed like he wanted to reach for the challenge flag like he successfully did last week, but someone on his staff must have told him not to. Still, it seems like Eberflus has control of the locker room already and it shows by the intensity and hustle of the players, especially on the defense.

Luke Getsy opened up the playbook for a little bit with Fields, especially to get his quarterback on the move where he is so elite. Fields was able to find some open players over the middle on his drive and it showed how Getsy’s offense is going to be molded around the strengths of the team’s quarterback. We saw some conservative third-down play-calls, but he is probably saving his good plays for the regular season.

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The offense looked a lot more solid throughout the entire game, and a lot of that credit goes to Getsy who is finally getting his shot to call plays. While it has not been perfect, it just feels like having a more capable play-caller, like Getsy, is already showing how it will translate to more offensive success for the Chicago Bears.