5 positions with jobs on the line in Chicago Bears preseason finale

Chicago Bears - Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports /
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1. Cornerback Depth

The injury to Thomas Graham has the team looking for help at cornerback depth. Without him, it appears as though Kyler Gordon, Jaylon Johnson, and Tavon Young are locked in. Kindle Vildor may be right there with them, but they need a fifth cornerback.

That leaves Lamar Jackson, Jaylon Jones, Davontae Harris, Greg Stroman, and Duke Shelley. In the case of Stroman, he has hardly practiced, let alone played in the preseason.

Shelley has been eased in from an injury and has the depth at the slot, but Kyler Gordon is taking so many snaps in the slot they may need outside depth. That is where Jackson, Jones, and Harris could make the roster.

Harris would make it based on special teams. Jackson has been the top cornerback, getting plenty of work in place of Jaylon Johnson. Then, there is Jaylon Jones who is a rookie UDFA.

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He is likely playing to earn a practice squad role. Still, even if Jackson is the front runner there is plenty of other options to move and shake up the depth chart. This will certainly be a position to watch in the final preseason game.