6 Rookies who are making an immediate impact for the Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears - Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /
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After being hired by the Chicago Bears to be the next general manager, Ryan Poles stated that he wanted to build through the draft. He wants young, fast and physical football players. Well, with one draft under his belt and without a first-round pick to boot, Poles should be thrilled with the impact he’s seeing from his rookies already this season.

Going into the 2022 NFL Draft, Ryan Poles was gifted six draft picks by former general manager Ryan Pace. Poles turned those six draft picks into 11 draft picks in 2022. Now, some of those picks were sixth and seventh-rounders, but when you are rebuilding you need as many darts as possible to throw at the board. It turns out that early returns are looking solid for Ryan Poles on those darts.

Six of 11 draft picks have made an immediate impact for the Chicago Bears

Out of those 11 draft picks, six of them are already making an immediate impact on this team and some of those six look like they could not only be starters in year one but could turn out to be studs. This team is being slept on by not only the national media but also by other teams. I am tired of hearing how the team isn’t going to win football games. They are not going to wow anyone with an explosive offense, but they will be able to keep close in games and make splash plays. The offense is being built in the right direction.

Too many people are discounting how good Justin Fields truly is, plus they are not giving enough credit to the scheme change. Alright, enough of me sticking up for this team. Let’s just give Ryan Poles the early credit he deserves. It’s too soon to tell if the draft will be extremely successful, but with six of 11 draft picks looking to contribute this early, it’s trending in a very positive direction.