6 Rookies who are making an immediate impact for the Chicago Bears

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Chicago Bears, Trenton Gill
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Trenton Gill looks to be a great draft pick for the Chicago Bears

For anyone who thought this was going to be Trestan Ebner think again. I wanted to put Ebner on this list and he has made an impact to the point I think he makes the final 53-man roster as the third running back on the depth chart. However, I don’t think we see enough of him on gamedays to warrant putting him on this list quite yet. Jack Sanborn is going to be a special teams presence on gameday as I mentioned, while Ebner is down the line as a kick returner.

Instead, this is about Trenton Gill. Similar first names, but Gill is going to make an impact every game. He has been phenomenal at putting the ball inside the opponent’s 20-yard line. He looks to be better than that traitor, Pat O’Donnell who left for the Green Bay Packers.

Gill might not be Matt Araiza, aka “Punt God”, but I find his ability to kick directionally and place the ball deep in the opponent’s side of the field more important than a guy who boots the ball so deep it’s constantly going in the end zone or outkicks his punt coverage. I think Araiza will be decent for the Bills, but I am very excited to see what we have already from Gill.