4 surprise roster cuts the Chicago Bears might make next week

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Chicago Bears Surprise Roster Cut: Tajae Sharpe, WR

I think it is safe to say that if Tajae Sharpe isn’t on the final 52-man roster that many fans would be surprised. I am not going to bet money that this happens, but it is still possible. The Chicago Bears unofficial depth chart has Tajae Sharpe down the list by a decent margin. That depth chart is unofficial for a reason, but has he done enough to supplant everyone ahead of him? Most fans would say yes.

Outside of Darnell Mooney and Cole Kmet, Tajae Sharpe has looked the best at catching footballs from Justin Fields in the preseason. He’s had his ups and downs at training camp, but he has been more consistent than most of the other receivers who are low on the totem pole. The problem is that availability is sometimes a greater asset than ability.

We could see a surprise cut of Tajae Sharpe here with some type of injury designation. Since Sharpe emerged in the first preseason game, taking advantage of other WRs’ injuries, he himself has been missing in action. Can Byron Pringle prove himself healthy enough that Ryan Poles moves on from an injured Sharpe? Is Sharpe the better option than Pringle at this point anyway? Let’s hope Sharpe can get back on the field and remains on the team, shall we?