4 things the Chicago Bears need to see from Luke Getsy’s offense

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Chicago Bears - Mandatory Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears, David Montgomery
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The Chicago Bears need to feed David Montgomery

The Bears have arguably the most underrated and underappreciated running back in the NFL on their roster, and they need to finally utilize him. David Montgomery should absolutely explode this season in a role similar to what Aaron Jones runs in Green Bay as both an outside zone runner and receiver out of the backfield.

Montgomery has always been a proven receiver both in displaying great hands and route running with a refined route tree. He never was utilized that way fully though (mainly due to Tarik Cohen’s place on the offense). He now has the chance to do this as he is the only all-around good passing down running back as Khalil Herbert doesn’t have great hands and Trestan Ebner cannot pass block well yet.

In addition to being a proven receiver, Montgomery has made something out of nothing more often than not given the horrendous offensive line play and predictable offense he has been in. He has more often than not been one of the highest players in the NFL in yards after contact per carry and broken tackles per carry.

The Chicago Bears can’t run Montgomery into the ground, but he needs to be fully utilized as the player he can be. He can have an Aaron Jones season in which he tallies over 1,000 rushing yards and makes an impact in the receiving game as well. The Bears just need to use him correctly.