Will Chicago Bears run same offensive line rotation?

Chicago Bears - Syndication: PackersNews
Chicago Bears - Syndication: PackersNews /

During week one of the 2022 season, the Chicago Bears technically had six offensive linemen. They had four normal starters with Braxton Jones, Cody Whitehair, Sam Mustipher. and Larry Borom.

However, at right guard, we saw a rotation between Teven Jenkins and Lucas Patrick. The split ended up being 50/50, although Jenkins played slightly more because he got the start, and therefore was on the field for the final drive as well.

Still, the rotation was as even as you could get. When the team heads to Green Bay to take on the rival Packers, the question is whether or not this rotation will remain. or if it was a one-week thing. Most indications are that this will be continuing in week two.

The biggest indication is that the team called up Dieter Eiselen from the practice squad. They can only call him up so many times, so to use his call-ups in the first two weeks is notable.

It is notable because Eiselen is the backup center when Patrick is at right guard. In a perfect world, Patrick is at the center, and Sam Mustipher is the backup. but with Mustipher thrust into the starting role, they have Eiselen behind him.

So, one thing is clear, Patrick will not be playing center.  Considering Patrick was one of the higher-paid free agents, and he is a team captain tonight against his old team, it seems as though it is a lock that he will play, albeit not at center.

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With that in mind, we should expect to see the same rotation as last week. We will see when Patrick is healthy enough to snap how things will change, but he is not right now. The team wants to keep him on the field, and it means that Jenkins will once again see Patrick cut into his work.