5 questions brought up in Chicago Bears loss to Packers

Chicago Bears (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /
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3. Can Kyler Gordon Improve?

Even in the Chicago Bears season debut, Kyler Gordon struggled a bit. He gave up a big catch where it looked like he thought he had help over the top but did not. Or, he looked like he was still in college and could turn things on at the last second and catch up.

In week two, he was tested much harder by Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers knows that rookie cornerbacks struggle, even when they are top 50 picks, and he went after him from the first snap to the last. Gordon had his moments but overall had a forgettable game.

It is worth remembering that Gordon missed a lot of time in training camp. Rookie cornerbacks often struggle early into heir careers as well, and it is why teams like to pick on them, because the game is much different, and the quarterbacks are much better.

Still, Gordon needs to hop on the moving train quickly.  The reality is that teams do not even test Jaylon Johnson, and why would they? They have Kindle Vildor and Gordon to go after. It is getting too easy, and when you combine that with the run defense you are going to have problems.

Perhaps the team was aided by the rain and now we are seeing the cracks in the defense. On the flip side, Gordon is more likely to continue to improve and as the year goes on, they may get reliability in the slot.

Still, it is going to take more than just two days or so to turn this around, so for the next couple of weeks fans have to be nervous about the situation.