5 questions brought up in Chicago Bears loss to Packers

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /
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1. Are things moving too fast for Justin Fields?

While the play-caller did not do his job well tonight, and the playmakers that Justin Fields has are not there yet, you also have to look at Fields in this game. There were moments throughout where the game just looked to be moving a bit fast, and things were not slowing down for him.

We saw Fields come alive towards the end of last season in a couple of primetime moments, and there was a thought that he has the talent to where he will step up when the big moments call for it.

However, in this game, he looked nervous and flustered. The team struggled to get in and out of the huddle, he looked like he was not sure what he was seeing, and he was passing the ball without confidence as well.

It is only two weeks, but Fields has not played well yet. Other than some off-script fun against the 49ers, it has been ugly, and even those types of plays proved to be anomalies against a team like the Packers in better conditions.

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Fields has to play better regardless of the situation around, or else the team is not going to be able to buy all the way into him.