5 biggest notes from Chicago Bears week 2 snap counts

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears, Teven Jenkins
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4. Teven Jenkins and Lucas Patrick continue to rotate

We expected the Chicago Bears to continue to rotate their right guards, and they have done just that. However, while they have tried to go with an even 50/50 split, we saw them lean to Lucas Patrick over Teven Jenkins this week, after Jenkins led the way last week.

In Week One, Jenkins played 57% of the snaps. Then, in week two he was down to 46% Of course, on the flip side Patrick was up from 43% to 54%. This shows us again that they did not have any strong takeaways from the first game, and they are much more interested in sticking with their plan.

They wanted to get them an even split, and after Jenkins led the way one week, they tried to even things back out. Through two weeks Jenkins has played 50 snaps while Patrick has played 49. That is quite literally as close to 50/50 as you can get.

The question now will be how long this continues, and what happens when Lucas Patrick is healthier. Sam Mustipher has not been an issue, but we know he is not the answer at center. At the same time, they clearly like him more in the building than we do.