Which Chicago Bears players were winners from Week 2 vs. Packers

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Player two: Trevis Gipson

What a bounce-back week for Trevis Gipson. It had seemed like he was on the outside looking in since he was a player that was drafted and loved by the old regime. Dominique Robinson took over in Week 1 and we saw a lot of him and Al-Quadin Muhammad opposite Robert Quinn against the 49ers. Things were different on Sunday night when Gipson finished with four total tackles and two sacks against the Packers.

The Chicago Bears edge rushers are going to have to make the most of their opportunities since it seems to be a rotation of players opposite Quinn this year. We saw Robinson take advantage last week and now Gipson made a statement this week. There is a lot of young talent on the defensive line to go along with the vets, and Gipson is right there in the middle of that.

Gipson does lack a bit in the size department, and it shows on his bull rush attempts and his ability to be a force in stopping the run, but his motor should not be questioned. Gipson always shows intensity and passion for the game, and as a young player that is something that the coaches take notice. You could see the emotion he displayed after bringing down Rodgers. That is the type of energy and intensity that Coach Eberflus is looking for in his players, so expect to see more of Gipson in the coming weeks.