New Year, Same Problems. The Chicago Bears’ Biggest Problem

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports /
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Darnell Mooney going missing all season and having 2 catches for 4 yards through 2 games is more of an indictment on the play-calling itself than on him as a player. Just last year Mooney had a 1000-yard season with 3 different QBs in his second year in the league, and stats like that just don’t happen by coincidence. Is Darnell Mooney struggling by being more of a focal point by the defense because they know he’s the only receiving threat on the team? Probably, but it shouldn’t be that hard to manufacture catches for him and get him going.

Last week Justin Jefferson ran 60% of his routes against linebackers or safeties in primary coverage, against the same Green Bay team. That is a prime example of a coach, in Kevin O’Connell, making sure their playmaker is involved the most by making it easy on him, it’s what all the good coaches do. It shouldn’t be this hard to get your best player on offense involved on the same defense that O’Connell had in his pocket for all of week 1.

It’s either a lack of preparation on Getsy’s part going into the game by not seeing how blatant O’Connell exposed the Packers’ defense in week 1 or Getsy just not having a clue on what he’s supposed to be doing. Because the Vikings laid out the blueprint on how to beat the Packers’ defense in week 1, just 7 days before your game against them, and yet we just ignored everything they showed us.