3 poor mistakes Justin Fields cannot make for Chicago Bears

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears. Justin Fields
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1. Throwing the ball past the line of scrimmage

Of all of the mistakes that Fields made against the Packers, this one is probably the worst. It speaks to the idea that things are moving too fast for Justin Fields. Fields escaped the pocket on a third down pass and went into scramble mode.

However, after running about five yards downfield he saw a wide receiver open and decided to throw it. Of course, that is illegal.

This is an issue because Fields has to have a better understanding of where he is. This goes back to the play where pressure caused him to take his eyes off of the field and then scramble into a sack, rather than making an easy completion with players swarming him.

The same thing happens here where Fields is clearly not sure in himself and is not even sure where he is on the field. He is improvising based on the last split second, while quarterbacks always need to be two steps ahead.

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The good news is that things can continue to slow down for Fields. However, we have to see him more composed when pressure comes. He has to be able to stand in the pocket, keep his eyes downfield, and make throws without worrying about who is coming and from where. Too often, that is holding him back.