Chicago Bears must make this personnel change now

Parker Hurley
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During the offseason, we compared Trevis Gipson and Al-Quadin Muhammad because it was clear that this duo would be splitting time across from Robert Quinn. We determined that Gipson has been better on the field, but because AQM was familiar with the Chicago Bears new coaching staff he would get the first shot at starting.

That has proven to be exactly how the situation unfolded. So far, through two weeks Muhammad has played 82 snaps, and Gipson has played 49. However, if the first two games are any indication that number needs to change, and quickly.

Chicago Bears must play Trevis Gipson more

The reality is that it is not close when discussing who is better. Gipson has eight pressures, and four stops according to PFF. On the flip side, Muhammad had three pressures and two stops.

On top of that, Muhammad has two missed tackles, and Gipson is yet to miss a tackle. Muhammad was a poor run defender with the Colts, and his issues are returning in Chicago.

So far, teams are attacking him when he is on the field and they are running to the edges to make guys like Muhammad and Robert Quinn do dirty work in the run game. Neither has stepped up to the challenge.

Trevis Gipson is not some elite run-defender, but they need to do something to get teams to stop attacking them on the edges early on. In about half of the snaps, Gipson has been about twice as productive as Al-Quain Muhammad.

Next. This is a major issue for Chicago Bears. dark

That really should be all that you need to hear. The coaching staff brought in Muhammad, and they obviously feel loyal to him, but the switch is going to have to come eventually, so they should not delay it.

Gipson did not eat into the snaps of AQM in week two, so we will see if the coaches decide to make this adjustment in week three.