5 Texans players who can make Chicago Bears life difficult

Chicago Bears (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) /
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Despite the 1-1 record, the Chicago Bears are now entering the first game of the season in which they are favored to win. Still, while the Texans are 0-1-1, they are just small road favorites, indicating that we could have a tight game this Sunday.

While the Texans are rebuilding, they are starting to build some pieces that are making them competitive. Who are five players that are going to give the Chicago Bears a difficult matchup?

5. Laremy Tunsil vs Robert Quinn

The Chicago Bears’ top edge rusher is Robert Quinn. The team does not move him around very often, and he plays against the left tackle on almost every one of his snaps. So far, opposing left tackles have seen Robert Quinn on over 71% of the teams’ snaps.

With that in mind, we should see Quinn against Laremy Tunsil for nearly every snap on Sunday. Quinn has been great this season with six pressures and a sack. Meanwhile, Tunsil only has three pressures allowed so far this season.

While Quinn did go against Trent Williams in week one, he also saw an easier matchup against Yosh Nijman. Quinn won that competition. On the flip side, Laremy Tunsil has seen Yannick Ngauke and Bradley Chubb for the majority of his work.

Both rely on their athleticism, and both are high-end performers. The winner of Tunsil vs. Quinn could have a huge leg up on winning the football game. If Quinn does not win this, it could be tough for the Chicago Bears to get pressure.