3 Changes the Chicago Bears must make to help out Justin Fields

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Chicago Bears need to add more quick, efficient passing routes

The All-22 is not available yet, but when we go back and watch the tape, Luke Getsy tries to help Justin Fields out early in the game. However, he abandons it too quickly. Sam Mustipher screws up the exchange again — this time on the first play of the game. It’s happened four times over the last two games now. In this drive, Getsy has Fields run a play action naked bootleg that works out perfectly to Byron Pringle for a quick, 10-yard strike and first down. These are the plays we Fields needs.

However, the Texans started noticing a trend and that naked bootleg stopped working. Instead, it became a negative play every other time in the game as Fields instantly had a defender in his face. At some point, Getsy needs to look at other options here. Fields looked flustered and uncomfortable the entire game. You cannot have this happen while playing at home against an inferior opponent. As soon as Getsy saw Fields struggle, he should have looked to get him some quick, efficient passing attempts.

What I mean by this is we need to see some quick slants or stop-routes. We saw it in the second set of downs when they tried getting Darnell Mooney involved by throwing a quick, five-yard stop-route. Mooney makes the easy catch and Fields gets the easy completion. The running game was working on all cylinders though and Getsy leans on it to a Khalil Herbert touchdown to go up 10-0.

When things start going wrong for Fields though, we didn’t see enough of these types of plays. Fields needs these quick rhythm plays to help get the offense going and Luke Getsy needs to help.