3 Changes the Chicago Bears must make to help out Justin Fields

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Chicago Bears must increase the tempo of the offense

Another way that the Chicago Bears can help Justin Fields out is by increasing the tempo of the offense. We are witnessing this in Philadelphia right now with Jalen Hurts. We have already seen it with the top teams in the NFL over the years. The Chiefs and Chargers for example are always near the top of the league when it comes to pace of play now that they have Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert under center.

I’m not looking for the Chicago Bears to become one of these teams, but they need to increase the tempo at least slightly. As of now, the team is averaging only 53 offensive plays per game — the least amount in the NFL. Teams at the top are averaging 75 offensive plays per game. Now, it isn’t about the number of plays exactly, but if Luke Getsy were to run a quicker offense, it can help Fields get out of his own head.

We hate single-read throws as fans because we think it shows a sign of weakness. We think our quarterbacks should be superheroes on the field. In a sense, that’s not wrong. However, even the best superheroes need help at times. If Getsy is able to give Fields less to think about and quicker reads, he can rely on his instincts and just play using his athleticism.