5 game changing plays that sealed win for Chicago Bears

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2. Justin Jones’ sack

This is the big play that came in response to the second Justin Fields interception. The game was tied with 14 minutes to go. The play had Houston at the 39, and a four-yard gain gave them 2nd and 6 at the 35. At the worst, Houston was looking at a 52-yard field goal, but they were hoping to make it easier.

Mills looked to drop back, but Justin Jones destroyed his block and got into the backfield with ease. The big play pushed Houston from the 35 to the 43-yard line and gave them a 3rd and 14.

Houston obviously did not trust their line or quarterback after that meltdown and looked to run a screen on the very next play.

However, Nicholas Morrow snuffed that out from the start and the play ended up going for a loss of eight. The combination of the two plays took them from second and six to fourth and 19. It also went from a 52-yard kick to a 65-yarder, which meant a punt.

If the Houston Texans kick a field goal they are basically kneeling out the game when they ended up making the fateful final play that we will highlight.