3 Trade packages the Chicago Bears could offer for Kenny Golladay

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The Chicago Bears could use a spark on offense and there are now rumors that Ryan Poles might be looking to add a WR at the trade deadline. As a reminder, the trade deadline this year is November 1. This means eight weeks will be in the books prior to the deadline. I’m not sure where these rumors are coming from and I find them hard to believe based on prior actions and comments by Poles, but let’s take them for what they are and play with some hypotheticals.

We are watching a Giants team struggle against a Cooper Rush led Dallas Cowboys team and it’s possible that the Bears are able to pull off another crazy win and move to 3-1 on the season. At that point, Ryan Poles’ views on the 2022 season may need to change. At 3-1, this team will at least need to start thinking the playoffs are possible. At that point, it’s Poles’ job to add help and make this team more talented.

The Chicago Bears need to consider a trade for a wide receiver

Now, let me preface this with the fact, I’d rather Poles bring in a wide receiver like Will Fuller and only use money to add to the team vs sending away draft capital. That said, it’s also important to understand Fuller isn’t on any of the other 31 rosters for a reason. Kenny Golladay might not be my first choice as a trade target to help Justin Fields either. I’ll look at a few other options in a separate article. However, it’s probable that the Giants might look to move Golladay — more rumors.