3 Trade packages the Chicago Bears could offer for Kenny Golladay

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Trade No. 1: Chicago Bears send a future pick for Kenny Golladay

According to NFL’s Ian Rapoport, it’s possible that the Giants might look to trade Kenny Golladay, and to do so they will need to eat a large portion of his salary. Now, when I look at the numbers for Golladay, I see a different picture than what Rapoport paints. He is saying that a new team would take on what’s left of his 2022 base salary (roughly $10 million) plus $4.5 million guaranteed in 2023. This is accurate, but you cannot just ignore the $14.25 million in base salary for 2023 also. Either way, the Chicago Bears can afford to take this on.

There was a chance that Kenny Golladay was going to end up in Chicago back when Ryan Pace was still general manager. Instead, he went on to sign with the New York Giants. Golladay has not lived up to expectations and has been one of the worst signings in recent history. This is why he’s now being rumored to be on the move. Prior to leaving Detroit, Golladay had two very solid seasons in 2018 and 2019. Then injuries set in and he’s never been the same since. This is why he shouldn’t cost too much from a draft capital standpoint.

The Chicago Bears no longer have a seventh-round pick in 2024 because the team traded it for N’Keal Harry. Well, in this case, they give the Giants their 2024 sixth-rounder in exchange for Kenny Golladay and the Giants’ 2024 seventh-rounder.

Anything more than this from a draft capital perspective would be too much in my opinion. This way the Giants get something while the Bears bring Golladay back home to where he played college.